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Model S

TIGER Machine

Built to last and compatible with many existing foundations, the Model S features fast mold and height changes, along with highly adjustable and user-friendly controls.

PS Series

TIGER Machine

The industry’s first fully automatic mold change system, capable of running new products and most competitor molds. Large pallets and advanced table vibration allow for the production of crisp monolithic products.

TG Series

TIGER Machine

TIGER’s largest, fastest and most sophisticated machines for the production of high-quality concrete masonry units, with product mold changes in under five minutes.

Our Concrete Production Brand

About TIGER Machine

TIGER Machine has now been developing and manufacturing innovative concrete production machinery to meet the needs of customers for over 70 years. TIGER supplies over 50% of machinery to the Japanese market for the production of concrete products such as concrete masonry units, concrete pavers, retaining wall and concrete architectural products. Since 1998, our partnership has also made TIGER equipment available in the US and Canadian markets.


Midwest Block, USA, Updates Two Facilities with New Generation Machinery

Midwest Block | Tulsa, OK, U.S.
Featured Products: TIGER Model S-3

When both of their Tulsa facility production lines needed expensive repairs and upgrades, Midwest Block turned to Pathfinder for a more affordable and efficient solution; the Model S-3 Concrete Products Machine.

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