Technical Support

Our service team consists of experienced industry professionals with extensive specialty backgrounds. This specialization allows them to provide full support during your project and with any post-project issues that may arise. Our technicians are experts in many fields including project management, installation, greenfield projects, after-service support, troubleshooting, part selection, training for maintenance and operation, and more.

Parts Department

Call: 616-399-9099

Technical Support

Call: 616-395-8447

On-site & on-time service

Providing Technical Support Near and Far


Pathfinder field technicians adopt a systematic approach to identifying and solving problems. They use a variety of tools and technologies to identify and diagnose problems quickly and accurately. They will work with you to develop solutions tailored to your specific needs and ensure the problem is resolved. They also follow up to ensure the issue does not recur.

Experience & Knowledge

Our technicians can assist you with everything from monitoring and diagnosing equipment alarms to maintenance and repairs. In case of an emergency, they are available by phone or on-site to take a look at your equipment.  We provide guidance and advice to help you make informed decisions about your equipment and preventive maintenance.

Project Management

Pathfinder’s service team assures optimal productivity and efficiency of your concrete production equipment or complete facility by coordinating and managing logistics, ensuring safety protocols, ensuring proper maintenance, and more. Your project will be assigned to a service technician, who will stay with you throughout the repair, upgrade, or complete construction process.


Our technicians provide educational training on your equipment and offer preventive maintenance services and programs. We are dedicated to ensuring your equipment is functioning properly. We strive to provide the best customer service possible. Our technicians always work with your best interests in mind. We are committed to providing timely and efficient service.

Meet Our Service Team

Service Technician - Phone Support

Phil Neal

Call: (616) 283-1283
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Phil has been with Pathfinder since 1999, but his concrete knowledge goes back to 1972 following his days serving in the United States Air Force. He has knowledge in single and multi-machine plants, TIGER training and operating, and more. Phil understands the specifications of concrete products and how to best achieve them, enjoys motivating people by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Phil was a traveling service technician until 2017 and since then, with the knowledge he’s acquired since 1972, has switched to phone technical support for Pathfinder.

Service Technician

Neil Calvert

Call: (616) 283-1290
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Neil started in the service field in 1984 as a service technician at the same company that Larry Hilldore was working at. Neil joined Pathfinder in 1999. Although Neil specializes in electrical troubleshooting, as well as pneumatics and hydraulics, he is happy to handle any project and help wherever he is needed. Aside from troubleshooting, he enjoys helping customers understand equipment and become familiar with their new machines. Neil is happy to listen to customer concerns and assist in resolving them.

Service Technician & Installation Specialist

Steve Taggart

Call: (616) 610-9862
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Steve started his career in the concrete production and batching field in 1999. He is an expert in batching installation and assists with Pathfinder’s Service Training Program. He leads greenfield plant builds, is experienced in coordinating, project management, service and repairing equipment, and more. He provides extensive knowledge in the batching and installation field, ensures customers learn and succeed, and provides technical and service support generally in the Western US but will provide support throughout the US and Canada. 

Service Technician

Brian Heishman

Call: (616) 741-6127
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Brian has worked in the concrete production field since 2007. He is experienced in concrete block production and equipment and plant management. He has a background as a leader in the Marine Corps which fuels his ambition to push businesses to succeed. Brian helps Pathfinder run a technical training program, assists in rebuilding and repairing equipment, uses diagnostic tools and software to determine a successful repair plan, and more. He provides extensive knowledge in the concrete production field, values leadership and teaching customers how to be comfortable with their equipment, and will provide technical support near or far in the US and Canada.