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Robotic Pallet Accumulator

TIGER Machine

A highly advanced design based on traditional pallet transport equipment. This is an economical, efficient, and flexible system that not only transports production pallets from the wet side, to the curing kilns, and to the dry side, but also keeps up with the pace of other high volume concrete production machines.

Pallet Transporter System

TIGER Machine

Customizable pallet transport system capable of keeping up with the pace of other high-volume concrete products machines.

Rack Transfer System

TIGER Machine

The TIGER RTS’ first in first out pallet handling provides consistent and quality concrete products.

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About TIGER Machine

TIGER Machine has now been developing and manufacturing innovative concrete production machinery to meet the needs of customers for over 70 years. TIGER supplies over 50% of machinery to the Japanese market for the production of concrete products such as concrete masonry units, concrete pavers, retaining wall and concrete architectural products. Since 1998, our partnership has also made TIGER equipment available in the US and Canadian markets.


Application of Robotics in Material Handling Systems

Oldcastle Northfield | Shakopee, MN, U.S.
Featured Products: Robotic Pallet Accumulator – TIGER

Looking to improve their pallet accumulation efficiency, concrete masonry and hardscape products manufacturer Oldcastle Northfield turned to Pathfinder Systems and TIGER Machines for help.

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