Custom Solutions

Complex systems often require specialized equipment and applications. When you have specific requirements that can’t be met with pre-existing products or systems, Pathfinder can help. Our experienced R&D team will work with you to develop a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Custom Solutions Process


1. Consultation

With Pathfinder, we can develop a manufacturing solution to meet your needs. Upon receiving your inquiry, we will schedule a site visit to discuss and learn about your existing equipment and plant.

2. R&D

Our R&D team will review the details of your new inquiry. Next, we’ll explore innovative approaches to design & development by ideating, theorizing, and exploring.

3. Proposal

We’ll prepare a well-defined proposal for your review after extensive research and developing new ideas.

4. Solution Design

Upon approval of your proposal, we will prepare our project execution plan. Our plan will include generating drawings of the new equipment and your plant, a timeline for your project, installation coordination, and other vital details and logistics to meet and exceed your expectations.

5. Installation

A team of service technicians will execute the installation efficiently and professionally. They will handle all logistics and oversee the entire installation process. In addition to being present throughout the entire phase, our service technicians will remain involved after project completion to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Custom Solution for Handling and Automated Feeding of CMUs

A Concrete Product Manufacturer | U.S.
Featured: Custom Solutions, LMS Polishing Machine – GMM

As a long-term customer of Pathfinder Systems, this concrete product manufacturer knew exactly where to turn for guidance in creating a custom solution for handling and automated feeding of CMUs into their processes.

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