Ready Mix Batch Plants

Accurate and long-lasting batch plants available in a wide variety of models for various performance capabilities and budget considerations.

Ready Mix Batch Plant Equipment

Big EZ Ready Mix Batch Plant Full

EZ Modular Plants

Voeller Mixers

Completely customizable and meet the highest engineering standards. Two sizes of EZ Modular Plants are available to accomodate varynig needs in yards produced per hour.

Standard Plants

Voeller Mixers

A more affordable, component-style plant built to exacting standards. The standard plant is an ideal starter plant for those just entering the concrete production world.

Decumulative Plants

Voeller Mixers

Built for companies that work on smaller projects such as swimming pools, septic tanks, and other concrete products that require no storage.

Cement Silos

Voeller Mixers

High quality steel silos that withstand the pressures of concrete production. Available in a variety of sizes, thickness, compartments, and filtration and aeration systems.

Truck Dump Hoppers

Voeller Mixers

In-ground truck dump hoppers customized for whatever size you need.

Aggregate Bins

Voeller Mixers

100-600 ton custom aggregate storage bins designed to withstand wear and tear and extreme weather conditions.


Voeller Mixers

Designed for maximum material flow in a smaller storage container. You can customize the hoppers to your company’s specific sizing requirements.

Material Conveyance

Voeller Mixers

Durable and built to last. You can get a conveyor system of any length that’s specifically designed for applications in your industry.

Mud Hoppers

Voeller Mixers

Production and spare parts for multiple sizes of mud hoppers for feeding concrete to your block or concrete products machine.

Color Blending

Voeller Mixers

Create unique looks for concrete products. MERTS can design and produce systems to allow customers up to 6 color blends in a single product using under mixer color blending as well as seperate hopper and oscilating conveyor systems

Integrate Mixers

Voeller Mixers

MERTS has the capability of integrating any brand of mixer into their batch plants. MERTS can offer multiple brand options or integrate your preferred brand or existing mixer into a new batching system.

Our Ready Mix Batch Plant Partner

About Voeller Mixers

Voeller Mixers has been supplying quality mixing equipment to concrete producers, glass, fiberglass, and refractory manufacturers for over 50 years. All of their equipment is proudly made in America with the quality of construction our customers have come to expect in various applications proven the world over.


Increasing the Utilization of the Existing Fleet by Increasing Plant Speed

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Featured Products: EZ & Big EZ Batch Plants – Voeller Mixers

Pathfinder Systems helped two concrete ready mix producers in Florida put more cubic yards per hour into their job sites with Voeller Mixers EZ and Big EZ modular batch plants.

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