Secondary Processing

Secondary Processing Equipment

CC Cuber

TIGER Machine

Cube two different products at the same time with a completely in-line system that’s compatible with specialty lines.

CP Cuber

TIGER Machine

Each segment of this cuber uses segmented tier clamps featuring their own hydraulic cylinders.

TSP Splitter

TIGER Machine

Full multi-purpose units with the most advanced features and the best value in the industry.

Robotic Cuber

TIGER Machine

Able to make three rows of architectural blocks, this system can cross stack standard or corner cubes on wood or plastic pallets.

TORO Polishing Machine


Designed to work on all types of marble, granite, stone and agglomerates, with universal tools for shaping rounded profiles.

COSTA Straight Edge Polisher


Easy to use, these in-line machines can be made to measure for all types of needs, both in the small and large plants.

LMS Polishing Machine


Uses cutting-edge tech to ensure maximum quality of the processed material, high production and reduced processing waste.

Sheet Inserter

TIGER Machine

A frequency-drive controls the sheet feeding speed to provide high speeds and precise stopping positions.

In-Line Rumbler

TIGER Machine

An-line multi-station set up including chipping, surface scuffing and cleaning.

PP-48 Cuber

TIGER Machine

TIGER’s fully-automated cubing machine can handle both block and paving stones and can be adaped for semi-automated operation.

CMS Calibrating Equipment


GMM uses existing block and paver grinding technology to calibrate the exact heights of products. This is beneficial for dry stack block and retaining wall as well as ensuring flatness of pavers and slabs.



Our antiquing line offers an economical, compact and in-line solution for antiqued finishes on retaining walls.

Molds & Mold Parts

TIGER Machine

TIGER offers an extensive range of molds and supplies the necessary components and parts for their products. They also offer specialty custom mold capabilities.


TIGER Machine

In addition to in-line aging, Pathfinder also offers standard drum tumblers for aging or antiquing your product. Multiple feed and cubing options available for de-cubing and feeding. TIGER also offers pallet blending feeders to ensure blended pallets are delivered to your jobsite after re-cubing.


TIGER Machine

Our unique antiquing system is designed specifically for use on concrete masonry like block and retaining wall units and carefully engineered to eliminate culls.

Our Secondary Processing Brands

About TIGER Machine

TIGER Machine has now been developing and manufacturing innovative concrete production machinery to meet the needs of customers for over 70 years. TIGER supplies over 50% of machinery to the Japanese market for the production of concrete products such as concrete masonry units, concrete pavers, retaining wall and concrete architectural products. Since 1998, our partnership has also made TIGER equipment available in the US and Canadian markets.

About GMM

GMM has installed over 6,500 cutting machines worldwide. They pride themselves on being known for their high level of production quality and efficient after-sales services, along with their material, technological and software upgrades research center.


Reimers Kaufman Replaces Old Machine Without Replacing Existing Foundations

Reimers Kaufman | Lincoln, NE, U.S.
Featured Products: CC Cuber – TIGER

When Reimer Kaufman’s 5-at-a-time block machine needed to be replaced with a modern machine with lower height changeover times, they turned to trusted vender TIGER Machines and their partner Pathfinder Systems.

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