TIGER Robotic Cuber

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Robotic Cuber Features


Robot Training


Pneumatic 2-Way Clamper


Cross Stack Capability


Blocks 3 Rows

The TIGER Robotic Cuber features pneumatic 2-way clamper and synchronized mechanism and can cross stack cubes on wood or plastic pallets. The Robotic Cuber can create standard and corner units separately and can feed wood or plastic pallets to both units.

TIGER can provide training for the Robot for different sized blocks or cubes through Pendant and the LCD touch screen. This user-friendly control system is simple and can store various programs inside its memory.

We also offer compatible strapping, wrapping, and wood pallet injectors.


  • Pneumatic 2-way clamper and synchronized mechanism.
  • Makes 3 rows of blocks (maximum 6 stacks high).
  • Stacking and feeding compatible with wood or plastic pallets.
  • Two separate cube types, standard and corner units


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