B+S PECO System Manholes

Equipment Manhole Manufacturing B+S PECO System Manholes

PECO System Features


Easy Data Input


Full Pipe Joint Options


Unlimited Flexibility


Custom Shapes


Reusable Molding Material

The PECO manhole generator makes data input simple. With unlimited flexibility of drainage profile options, custom shapes, all pipe joint options and mill options for all recessed units, PECO provides all the customization you need for your concrete products. As an added bonus, PECO’s PECOLIT molding material is recyclable, with low mold and space investments required, along with low labor, maintenance and production costs.


  • Production of concrete manhole can be possible within 24 hours
  • Process: Styrofoam cutting, loading, milling, coating, mold assembly, concrete feeding, demolding, vacuum demolding, base turning.
  • QR job scanning
  • Digital control panel display for visualization
  • Reusable molding material


Robot Production of Formwork for the Manufacture of Precast Elements with Complex Shape

Filigran Bauelemente AG | Rheine, Germany
Featured Products: PECO System – B+S

With a custom robot from Pathfinder partner B+S Engineering, Filigran Bauelemente AG no longer struggles with one-off production jobs. Their six-axis robot can quickly mill high-precision mill negatives forms from various materials.


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