Manhole Manufacturing

Manhole Manufacturing Equipment

PECO System - Manholes


Capable of producing concrete manholes in 24 hours, PECO features unlimited drainage profile options, custom shapes, recyclable molding material and low production costs.

Polymer Molds


Molymer concrete molds include pipe, utility boxes and manholes.

Specialty Molds - Wet Cast & Dry Cast


Specialty molds include box culvert singular and modular, road barriers, sleepers, gang molds, large high pressure pipes and more.

Vacuum Lifting Mechanism


This concrete elements safe-handling system is available for pipe, box culverts, flat wall elements and specialty molds.

Pole Mold


B+S pole molds include spinning or static type molds, spinning systems, decorative pole molds, PU inlay molds, and 5G pole molds.

Manhole Molds


B+S manhole molds feature split molds on tracks to accomodate de-molding.

Our Manhole Manufacturing Brand

About B+S

B+S supplies machines, molds and special equipment for the precast sector. These highly skilled mechanical specialists excel in the molding and manufacturing of concrete pipes, manhole systems, box culverts, tanks, prestressed poles and sleepers; and their monolithic manhole bases, the PECO system.


Robot Production of Formwork for the Manufacture of Precast Elements with Complex Shape

Filigran Bauelemente AG | Rheine, Germany
Featured Products: PECO System – B+S

With a custom robot from Pathfinder partner B+S Engineering, Filigran Bauelemente AG no longer struggles with one-off production jobs. Their six-axis robot can quickly mill high-precision mill negatives forms from various materials.

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