Q: What is the email address for Larry Hilldore?
A: Click Here to Email the President/Owner

Q: Where can I go to see TIGER machines operate in the U.S.?
A: Pathfinder has 100s of installations across North America. Please call us to visit a facility that is convenient for you. 616-395-8447

Q: How old of a company is TIGER Machine?
A: TIGER Machine will be celebrating their 70th anniversary in 2020.


Q: How many cycles per hour can I run?
A: Of course it depends on the size of machine and the material , but the average 12 at a time plant is running around 14 second cycles, and a 4 at a time plant will operate around 8 second cycles. We also have machines that are achieving 6 second cycles on standard 8” CMUs

Q: How many Machines are operating in the U.S.?
A: We have close to 50 Block Machines operating in the U.S.

Q: Can you change a mold if the mold changer breaks down?
A: YES, but once you see the mold changer itself, you will understand why this is very unlikely.

Q: Can the Block Machines use either Besser or Columbia style molds?
A: Yes they can, and the TG Model and the Model V do not require Besser vibrators! You can also use Stearns Molds! The Model S will accept Besser style molds with only the addition of a top plate. No mold adaptation needed above and beyond that.

Q: Are all Models of the Paver and Block Machines hydraulic?
A: Yes they are. They are also fully adjustable for different speeds for different products. We have started transitioning to electric when applicable.

Q: Is Tiger Machine the only company that manufactures Machines to produce both Pavers and Blocks?
A: To the best of our knowledge, yes. Others claim they can make both on the same machine, but quality of the product gets questionable.


Q: Where are your service people located?
A: Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Indiana, Michigan, California, New Jersey and Wisconsin.


Q: Does TIGER have their own installers, or do you use outside contractors?
A: We use our own installers for the TIGER product line. They are all direct employees.

Q: Can Pathfinder Systems provide all of the equipment for our plant, and a turnkey installation if we want to go that route?
A: ABSOLUTELY! We can provide all of the equipment and we can do the total installation including build the building if required.

Q: What kind of timeframe may I expect for a typical turnkey installation?
A: About 6 months.

Q: Does TIGER manufacture their own batching controls, or does a third party supply those in a turnkey installation?
A: We have our own, but we can also use others if a customer requests a certain brand.


Q: How do I contact the Pathfinder Sales Department?
A: There are several ways to contact our Sales Staff. You can call the Office at 616-395-8447 and you will be connected to the appropriate person, or email any of our Sales personnel. Click Here To Email


Q: Do I have to order parts from overseas?
A: No, we stock a complete line of inventory for quick delivery.

Q: Where are your spare parts located?
A: We have inventory in several locations in the U.S. for efficient, economical shipping.

Q: How do I contact your parts department?
A: Simply call our parts department at 616-399-9099 or Click Here To Email