TIGER equipment is legendary for their ruggedness, durability, high productivity, low maintenance/production costs and efficiency. TIGER has pioneered the fast automatic mold change system; capable of changing product molds in 3 minutes or less.

TIGER manufactures and houses concrete production parts and equipment around the world. TIGER customizes its products, services, and technical training for mold parts, individual pieces of machinery, or a complete plant.

What really sets TIGER apart from the competition is that they don’t force a one-size-fits-all solution on our customers. They customize to solve each individual customer’s needs.





TIGER provides a complete wet cast line to meet the needs and diverse product lines for today’s wet caster. The wet cast system is designed to handle the full range of wet cast products; from the largest earth retaining blocks to the smallest architectural retaining walls and veneers. It can also accommodate pavers, slabs and flagstones. The system is modular and may be assembled to meet each producer’s specific needs. The option is available to start with a basic system and expand it as the demand and product line grows. The system includes a de-stacker, indexing line, vibration table, material hopper, dosing box, powered roller screed, stacker, curing system, de-molding and packaging. Pathfinder also provides the material handling, color blending and mixing system to match the production requirements for the customer.


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B+S supplies machines, molds and special equipment for the precast sector. These highly skilled mechanical specialists at B+S base their success largely on experience, development and design. Their expertise lies in the molds and manufacturing of concrete pipes, manhole systems, box culverts, tanks, prestressed poles and sleepers. B+S takes great pride in the company’s equipment for the production of monolithic manhole bases called the PECO System. All drainage profiles, as well as inserts for pipe joints can be milled in an unlimited variety. The data input is simply affected in the manhole and insert generator. All the experience in manhole manufacturing from the past, combined with the know-how of robotic specialists are the key contributors to the foundation of the PECO System. Not only is the PECO System ingenious, it is also ecological. There is no disposal of any molding material. This system requires very low production, labor and maintenance costs.


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CureTec has been providing heating/curing solutions for masonry, hardscape, pipe, precast and aggregate facilities since 2010. The company has installed over 400 systems throughout the world. CureTec places the utmost importance on advancing their systems’ development to guarantee customer satisfaction by obtaining superb results from their products.


GMM has installed over 6,500 cutting machines worldwide. The following reasons make GMM world leaders in this sector:

  • High level of quality and quality of production due to the specialization in this field of bridge cutting machines and block cutters
  • Professional personnel who have over 20 years of experience in the business
  • Technical offices and internal designing, research center for material, technological and software upgrades
  • Worldwide network
  • After sales service is known for the best of its kind for speed and efficiency

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MERTS, LLC designs, manufactures and builds custom ready mix and components for small to large concrete producers across North America. Since 1950, their industry-leading designs have been used as the basis for other manufacturer’s products. Their attention to detail and commitment to using the best quality parts has made MERTS a go-to resource for concrete producers for over 65 years.

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Nordimpianti Prestressed Hollow Core Floor & Wall Panels

Today NORDIMPIANTI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and equipment for the production of prestressed concrete elements primarily used in the construction industry. The elements are used in flooring systems or as wall panels in a vast range of residential, civil, industrial and infrastructure construction applications. NORDIMPIANTI designs and manufactures its products in-house and under one roof using a team of professionals, all experts and experienced in their fields. With its Extruder, Slipformer and Wet Casting technologies, it has a strong product portfolio offering all the ancillary machines required to make producing elements as efficient and as cost effective as possible

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Vollert Precast Panel Manufacturing

Vollert is the leading expert partner for concrete works, construction companies and property developers when it comes to modern precast concrete production. They have passion to produce intelligently designed plant and machinery concepts which are optimally tailored for you. Vollert offers solutions for the industrial prefabrication of walls, slabs, beams or special components, from state-of-the-art formwork systems, start-up concepts to highly automated precast concrete plants with capacities of several million square feet of concrete surface annually. Vollert technology ensures economic processes combined with an optimal level of automation. High-tech machines ensure efficient work processes from CAD/CAM-controlled shuttering robots, to fully automated concrete spreader to innovative vacuum turning equipment for double wall production.

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