Precast Batch Plants

Precast Batch Plant Equipment

Big EZ Ready Mix Batch Plant Full

EZ Modular Plants


Completely customizable and meet the highest engineering standards. Two sizes of EZ Modular Plants are available to accomodate varynig needs in yards produced per hour.

Standard Plants


A more affordable, component-style plant built to exacting standards. The standard plant is an ideal starter plant for those just entering the concrete production world.

Decumulative Plants


Built for companies that work on smaller projects such as swimming pools, septic tanks, and other concrete products that require no storage.

Our Precast Batch Plant Brand


MERTS, LLC designs, manufactures and builds custom ready mix and components for small to large concrete producers across North America. Their attention to detail and commitment to using the best quality parts has made MERTS a go-to resource for concrete producers for over 65 years. 


Increasing the Utilization of the Existing Fleet by Increasing Plant Speed

Concrete Ready Mix Producers | Florida, U.S.
Featured Products: EZ & Big EZ Batch Plants – MERTs

Pathfinder Systems helped two concrete ready mix producers in Florida put more cubic yards per hour into their job sites with MERTs EZ and Big EZ modular batch plants.

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