About TIGER Machine

TIGER Machine was founded in 1950. They sold, repaired, and serviced farm machines from the beginning up until 1963. Their experience from those years convinced them that the key to the success was supplying reliable machinery with first-class service to the customer.

In 1963, TIGER was asked by a concrete block manufacturer to design a better Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) machine to replace an unreliable block machine. TIGER developed a concrete mixer and the first hydraulically operated CMU machine in Japan.

TIGER Machine has been developing and manufacturing innovative concrete production machinery to meet the needs of our customers for 70 years. TIGER supplies over 50% of machinery to the Japanese market for the production of concrete products such as concrete masonry units, concrete pavers, retaining wall and concrete architectural products.

With 70 years of experience, TIGER Machine is still researching the latest technology to develop new, innovative and reliable products and equipment that will be delivered along with our first-class service to our customers.